Q:  Bay Super Nannies’ fees are lower than other agencies.  Why?

A: Becky Meyer, owner: after being in business as an agency since 2002, having 70+ 5 star Yelp reviews, and so many wonderful referrals, the fees could certainly be higher.

The background checks and quality of nannies are the same, the placement process is the same as other, more expensive agencies… but without a large staff to support and large office to maintain, there is more leeway to keep the fees low.

Many families can’t afford the more typical agency fee, and by keeping fees lower, it opens up the pool to other great families that wouldn’t otherwise be able to use an agency (or would choose not too).  Many of my clients are very enthusiastic about the quality of service they get for the price.

And it may sound cheesy, but I want to treat clients that way I’d want to be treated – everyone likes a service at a reasonable price.  By providing an agency option for more parents of varying incomes, that might be struggling in their nanny search while trying on their own – it’s doing my part to make the world (and SF) a better (and more fair) place!  San Francisco is a very expensive place for parents and this is doing my part to make that better 🙂

Q:  What background checks are done in the placement process (besides the in person interview, application, and reference checks)?

A:  Bay Super Nannies does TWO background checks (one that comes back faster, before the position officially starts, and the second typically after) and uses both Trustine AND PFC/Imperative Information Services, an independent background check firm used by many of the agencies in the Bay Area.  Once a family offers employment to a nanny candidate, the following are submitted:

  • Social Security Scan,
  • 10 year Misdemeanor and Felony criminal background check (including state and county level checks),
  • Sex Offender Check, and
  • DMV report (typically infractions within the last 3 years, although serious offenses may remain on record longer).
  • Trustline (see information below, separate from PFC and Trustline results take longer)

The first results typically come back in 3-8 days, and all results are given to the hiring parents.

Additionally, the nanny is submitted to Trustline, a fingerprinting/criminal background check, required by law by the state of California, www.Trustline.org or 1-800-822-8490 for more information.  This can take up to 8 weeks for results to return, but thereafter the nanny is “Trustlined” and is monitored by Trustline as long as she remains in the registry.  Trustline letters are sent to parents upon receipt as well.

The nanny also gets current on CPR, Tdap (pertussis) vaccine, and TB test (optional) in the hiring process.

Q:  What is the philosophy of Bay Super Nannies?elias hoodie

Becky:  Since starting Bay Super Nannies (formerly Bay SuperSitters and Nannies) in 2002, I have always tried to provide clients with the same top level nannies, and the same agency service, that I would want to use myself.

I’m a mom, and I need to have complete confidence in my children’s safety and well being with a caregiver to even walk out the door.

A good nanny should be attentive and totally engaged, safety conscious with good judgement, reliable, instilling good manners and self confidence, be on the “same page” as the family, kind, patient, and loving.  Someone who will play with, read with, cuddle with, be active with, and most of all love the children for the amazing little people that they are.

As both an agency owner and a mother of two, and understand how important your children are to you… your family deserves nothing less than the best!

An agency should be helpful, responsive, thorough, and working hard for their families’ needs.  My business depends on word-of-mouth, and your total satisfaction is my goal!

Q:  How do the fees compare?

Keeping with the “treat the clients as you would want to be treated” philosophy, Bay Super Nannies (formerly Bay SuperSitters and Nannies) has always charged less than other agencies, expanding the definition of a “nanny agency client family” to include the many families that couldn’t (or didn’t want to) pay the 14-20% charged elsewhere.

Fees example:  With Bay Super Nannies, there is always just one flat fee totaling $5000 (really $4500 due at hire with current 10% Keeping SF Affordable discount), due ONLY if you hire a great BSN nanny after interviewing/paid trial days.

To compare with two examples at the “typical” agency rate of 15% of nanny’s annual salary: hiring a nanny 40 hours per week at $30/hr would equal an agency fee of $9360 at “typical” agency fee rates.

And a nanny working 50 hours/week at $40/hr pre-taxed would equal an agency fee of over $15,600 at the “typical” agency 15% rate.

PLEASE NOTE:  Recently, some agencies have started charging parents an additional yearly fee, just to keep their nanny that they already love and are working with.  Bay Super Nannies just charges the placement fee one time only, not yearly, and you are welcome to keep your same nanny for several years, with no additional agency fee!

While being a local agency, having lower overhead/smaller staff, and specializing in one need (full time nannies) instead of many different household needs really helps keep costs down, it also really boils down to this:

Parents shouldn’t have to choose between either affordable fees, or great, thoroughly screened nannies and client assistance.  They deserve both!

Q:  What does registration include?

Options for registration include 1.  A phone registration with the owner Becky or 2. An hour long in-home consultation.  Many families prefer to start immediately and choose an in-depth phone/email registration, but either is available.

Free phone evaluation of your needs:  We’ll have an in-depth conversation about your family, schedule, and needs, to have your questions answered about the nanny market, typical offers (salary,  vacation days, etc.) and expectations/duties.  Together, we can figure out what is important to you and make a “nanny wish list”/job description, to help guide great nanny matches to interview.

Upon registering, tax and legal information and resources will also be included,if you need them, and also a sample nanny-parent work agreement, which you will keep, and sample interview questions as well.

Many parents find that having the free phone evaluation is the fastest and easiest way to “get the ball rolling” on the search, and get a lot of information on the nanny hiring process as well, with minimal time investment on the parents part!

Q:  How do you find your nannies? 

A:  In business since 2002, and having placed so many nannies in the past, most nannies come by word of mouth, from other nannies or parents that have had good experiences here.  BSN has a strong web presence, and also attracts nannies literally “where the nannies are” – playgrounds, child-care websites, from former clients, etc.

For every 10 nannies that inquire, usually only 1 or 2 meet the qualifications to be screened and referred by Bay Super Nannies.  First and foremost, a Bay Super Nannies nanny must genuinely love working with children!

Q:  What is a typical nanny salary?

Nannies typically make $30-32/hr for one child, and $33-35+/hr for two children, etc.  (TAKE HOME, or after taxes are deducted), depending on number of children and duties.  Share-care is $38-42+/hr (take home).

Q:  How long does it take to place a nanny?

Most full time nanny searches take between 3-6 weeks.  Occasionally, a nanny can be placed in as quickly as 1-2 weeks… but this depends on several factors, so best to allow time for a 3-6 week placement process, whenever possible.

Q:  Do you place live-in nannies?

No – BSN ONLY refers live-out nannies (nannies who do not live with their employers)

Q:  Do you refer post-partum doulas (also called night nannies or night nurses) for families with newborns?

No, but check out Bay Area Night Doulas at www.BayAreaNightDoulas.com , a highly recommended collaboration of night doulas – you can book them directly through their group without additional agency fees.

Q:  Do you refer in the East Bay, South Bay, or Marin?

Not anymore, sorry! (note, occasionally East Bay nannies are available, please call to check, or very occasionally Marin or mid-Peninsula – please call to check)

Q:  Do you refer for part time (less than 38 hours/week)?

No – by focusing on full time nannies ONLY (full time is 38 or more hours per week), BSN can offer a superb selection of carefully screened nannies, and keep fees lower for parents.

Q:  What are the fees for a nanny-share – two families that are hiring a nanny to care for both their babies at the same time?

For a nanny-share, BOTH families must complete the registration/$175 non-refundable deposit each, to start the hiring process (or pro-rate at $37 per nanny candidates per family)…  the placement fee for each family is $2600 when they hire a BSN nanny after the 10% off discount.

Q:  What is the next step?

Please call 650-576-3296, or email info@BaySuperNannies.com, or contact here, to receive a free phone consultation about your child care needs.