“Ilishia is working out extremely well… The kids adore her, and she is a huge help with all of the household help that I have needed.  Thank you for a great placement.”    – Pam I.

Why Choose Bay Super Nannies?

1.  With a smaller agency – you really matter.

Most people contacting BSN have been referred by a satisfied friend!

2.  Friendly, personalized service.

3.  Fees are lower – whether a family is on a budget or not, getting a great service at a fair price is always appreciated.

And it’s a pretty big fee difference – with Bay Super Nannies, there is always just one flat fee, due only if you hire (and with current 10% off Keeping SF Affordable discount, its actually currently $4500 due when you hire).  To compare an example, at the “typical” agency fee rate of 15% of nanny’s annual salary, hiring a nanny 45 hours per week, at $30/hr would equal a “typical” agency fee of $10,530 that parents would pay the agency, ON TOP of paying for the nanny. And 50 hours/week at $40/hr pre-taxed would equal an agency fee of $15,600 at the “typical” agency 15% rate.

4.  Communicate directly with the owner, every time, who has already met you face-to-face and knows your needs, concerns, and expectations.

5.   A hands on approach designed around your convenience and your schedule:

  • Registration consultation in your own home, to learn about your needs – or sign up by phone consult (typically what happens)
  • ongoing availability throughout the process for questions or concerns
  • assistance with scheduling interviews and working interviews
  • feedback on interviews
  • assistance with final hiring details like work agreements, tax and legal information resources, plus follow up support after the nanny has started.
  • ALWAYS available as a resource after the job has started for any questions or concerns! When you go with an agency in business for 17 years, they’re likely to be here in 1 year (or 5 years) – be sure to ask ANY agency you are considering working with how long they’ve been in business!

6.  Carefully chosen matches, because your time is valuable!  All nannies are interviewed personally by the agency owner, and screened again with your family’s specifications in mind before sending their profile to you for interview approval.

7.  The perfect combination of agency and search agent: with 19 years of great screened nannies, many BSN nannies come back when their jobs end.  But additionally, new great nannies are always being added, specifically with the current clients’ jobs and needs in mind…

8.  The comfort of knowing you have someone “in your corner” that truly cares about your success (and what date you need to hire by…)

Become a client and let Bay Super Nannies do the work for you!

Nanny Screening:

Every nanny applicant undergoes a rigorous 4 part application process, before even being considered as a possibility for your family:

1.  Phone interview –  to determine English fluency, experience level, qualifications, education, availability, length of commitment available, etc.

2.  Thorough reference check – references are checked for many factors, including verifying that it is a genuine reference, reliability, safety, connection with the children, typical activities, and the areas that the nanny really “shines”…

3.  Extensive written application (and typically resume review as well)

4.  In-person interview with agency owner, to verify identification cards and legal employment eligibility, and to discuss goals, experience, special talents, education, and background

Each nanny is also screened a second time, specifically for your jobs specifications (needed hours, children’s ages and temperaments,  duties,  etc) before her profile is sent to you – and during the placement process after the job offer is made, the nanny is submitted to a full battery of background checks, including 7 year criminal, DMV, sex offender check, Trustline, and social security trace through PFC Information/Imperative, the same background check service used by most of the major Bay Area agencies.


forrest“Every family is different, and I truly believe there is the perfect nanny out there for each family… that wonderful fit where the children blossom, the parents don’t know what they did without her, and the nanny loves going to work every day… let me help you find that perfect match!”

– Becky Meyer, owner

Bay Super Nannies (as Bay SuperSitters and Nannies) was awarded 5 out of 5 stars in Babies by the Bay (2nd edition), and has 5 and 4 star ratings on Yelp and Lilaguide.

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