Since 2002, Bay Super Nannies (formerly Bay SuperSitters and Nannies) has offered parents some of the lowest agency placement fees and the best Yelp reviews in the SF Bay Area for referrals to highly qualified (see Requirements), personally interviewed, carefully screened nannies, with stringent background checks during the placement process (Trustline, criminal checks, DMV record, getting current on CPR, Tdap vaccine, TB test and more – see How It Works for more info).

In-Home Registration Meeting

Starting the search:  an in-home registration meeting/consultation, or phone consultation if you prefer as most parents do for the sake of time, starts the search and retains the services of Bay Super Nannies, and includes a non-refundable registration fee -(NOW pro-rated per nanny candidate carefully selected) of $75 first nanny and $50 each additional, maxing at $325 for 6 or more nannies!  Pro-rated registration started during pandemic and parents like this option so keeping it :).  Please call to learn more, or please see How It Works for more information.


By offering client families a low, one-time, easy-to-understand placement fee, parents are free to choose the best candidate for their family, and negotiate the terms and rates with their nanny candidate that works best for their family, with no worries that their agency fee will increase!

The Placement Fee listed below is only due when you hire a great BSN nanny.

Long term fees:

–  Registration Fee/Non-refundable deposit: $325 (in MOST cases, pro-rated registration fee of $75/50 per nanny is most cost effective for parents)

–  Full-Time Long Term Nanny Placement Fee: $4300.  This includes background check costs, and Trustline.  (Note: this includes a 10% off Keeping SF Affordable discount/and as a thank you for all the glowing Yelp reviews, normal placement fee is $4777)

PLEASE NOTE: this is a one-time fee only, *not* a repeated yearly fee, and ONLY due if you hire a great BSN nanny

– Share-care Nanny Placement Fee:  $2600 per family ($2889 minus 10% Keeping SF Affordable discount) and $175 Registration Fee per family (or pro-rated at $37 per nanny – call to inquire)

Temporary fees:

– Temporary Nanny: (120 work days or less)  Agency Placement Fee: $32/day, 10 day minimum ($320 min. referral fee).

– Summer Nanny (June-August) : $1450 (note: for summer nanny searches, the in-home consultation/$275 deposit is optional)

Please note:  fees include all background check costs including fingerprints and costs of Trustline, criminal background checks, DMV, etc.

Giving back: for every full time long term nanny placement, Bay Super Nannies makes a donation to Children International ( – a wonderful non-profit organization, helping children and families in need in developing countries.

Every long term nanny placement includes temporary 1 day assistance help with no agency fees (all attempts will be made to fill the temporary need, but filling the need does depend on temp. nanny availability), up to 3 times within 12 months of hiring a long term permanent full time nanny.  Just one more peace-of-mind benefit that comes with hiring a full time nanny through Bay Super Nannies!

Double Guarantee

Excellent word of mouth and referrals from past client have been vital to the success of Bay Super Nannies, so ensuring that every customer is satisfied is extremely important!

Although the goal is for every nanny placement to be a great placement, in the event that you and your nanny do not continue working together for one year, you have two guarantees so Bay Super Nannies can “make it right”…

1.  One Year Guarantee:  Credit towards a new nanny search, starting at 75% of credit, then pro-rated over the year.


2.  Three Month Refund Option:  While most agencies only offer credit, BSN knows other situations may come up where you no longer need your nanny – for example, if you are moving away, or your job changes.  If your nanny stops working for you in the first 45 days, and you decline a replacement search using the above pro-rated credit, you can receive 50% of the referral fee back as a refund, and in days 46-90 you can receive 33% back as a refund.

  To start, please call 650-576-3296, email, or contact here
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